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Directory Opus 12.10

Provides full management over your files with batch renaming support
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Directory Opus is a replacement for Windows Explorer. It is a well-known fact that Windows Explorer is one of the weakest features of all the Windows operative systems. No wonder why everyone feels like they need to write a replacement for it. Directory Opus is one replacement that packs a lot of features. First, the most important one: stability. The application isn't really connected to any other applications, so it is more stable and when it crashes, you can simply restart it, unlike Windows Explorer, which messes up your whole system. It allows you to manage files and folders with ease. It uses a tabbed interface, so say good-bye to all those open windows. It also adds features that make it more usable, too. For example, you get a built-in file viewer. Browsing photos from within the application is a breeze. Also, with ZIP support, you can browse zip files and their contents without having to extract the files first. The FTP support completes Directory Opus, giving you the means to distribute your files. So, thanks to this application you can tackle tasks that would otherwise require 4 or 5 different applications with a single one.

José Fernández
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